How To Hide Your Electronics

How To Hide Your Electronics -canarystreetcrafts

I finally figured out a great way to hide my electronics (TV cords and DVD player), and I love it!!!  We built our new house 3 yrs ago and had the builder place the outlets high on the wall so we could hang our televisions.  However they failed to place the electric outlet with the rest, so the tv hung nicely on the wall, but we had  the cords running down the wall to the outlet.  Unsightly to say the least.    My husband wanted to just leave things alone, but no way I was going to settle for that.  So while my husband was at work I hired a family friend to add an outlet directly behind the table which is  under the television.  Better to ask forgiveness than permission, right!

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Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Magnolia Leaf Wreath -

Can I let you in on a little secret?  I have an obsession with door wreaths.  I have dozens already, yet I just can’t stop making them.  I’ve been trying to talk the hubs into build a rack in the basement to hang my collection of wreaths, but he’s not feeling it.  Maybe if I make a few more it’ll convince him to build that rack :).

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Baby Tag Toy Handmade With Love


tag toy handmade

Why is it when you buy your baby a toy they find the tag and chew on that more than the toy?  I made one of these for my now 4 yr old grandson when he was about 6 months old and he loved it.  We know several couples who have just had baby girls recently, so I made a newer version of the first one.    This one includes a center that makes a crinkly sound when it moves around in their hands.  Don’t worry, it’s not like the noisy toys every aunt and uncle wants to buy your kids haha.  Lets get to it.

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The Easiest Summer Dessert

The easiest summer dessert

Hi friends!  Today I’m sharing with you what I consider to be the perfect summer dessert.  Perfect because it’s delicious, easy, and can be tossed together together in just a few minutes.  I also love that it’s light, and even though it’s easy to make, it’s pretty enough to serve to guests.  And did I mention that it’s delicious?

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Onesie Dress

DIY onesie dress -

I can’t wait to share this next project with you!  My sweet friend and neighbor just gave birth to a little girl, and I decided to hand make a few gifts for her, including a onesie dress.  They’re so cute and really easy to make.  You will need a sewing machine, but even a novice sewer shouldn’t have any problem making this adorable dress.

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